The Cranial Release Technique (CRT)

CRT – a natural, painless, and effective way to restore optimal function to the nervous system

The human head consists of 22 single bones. Contrary to popular belief, these bones are not rigidly connected with each other, they move. The movement of the cranial bones is propagated to the brain and the nervous system via several tissue structures and the cerebrospinal fluid.

The Bones Of The Head MoveAccording to the American physician Dr. Sutherland, this propagation has a significant effect on brain function and overall health:
If the cranial bones move naturally, the nervous system functions at its optimal level.
If the movements are disturbed, our nervous system falls out of balance, our resistance to stress and trauma decreases, and our health becomes jeopardized.

What is CRT?

CRT is a special technique of cranial work, that aims to reestablish the proper movement of the cranial bones.
This gentle hands on technique takes only 1-2 minutes. Still, it can have significantly positive effects on the nervous system and all other tissues and functions of the body.
CRT that can only be performed by a specially trained and certified CRT practitioner
The method is very safe, and it can be used with infants, children, seniors, and bedridden patients.
Since CRT supports the body’s ability to heal itself, it can be used to maintain and improve overall health
CRT is an excellent addition to the treatment of many for chronic diseases.
CRT is used by professional athletes to improve their performance.